How To Install Facebook Toolkit In Termux , Windows , And Linux | All In One Facebook Tool

Hello , today i wanna share a cool script in termux or linux or whatever

Before it i wanna tell you what is facebook ?

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends online. Originally designed for college students, Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was enrolled at Harvard University. (

This tools made by warifp and integrate with API Facebook

Hmm what is API Facebook ? 🤔
Facebook allows website developers and application developers access to their Facebook Graph API (Application Program Interface) that enables them to display information about your profile (

You understand yet ?

oke let's go to install it

The name of this script Is FacebookToolKit



Feature of this script :

Get Access Token
get access token your facebook account
Account Information
review your account information
Dump ID
retrieve all your friend's ID data
Dump Email
retrieve all your friend's Email data
Dump Name
retrieve all your friend's Name data
Dump Birthday
retrieve all your friend's Birthday data
Dump Gender
retrieve all your friend's Gender data
Dump Location
retrieve all your friend's Location data
Dump URL Profile
retrieve all your friend's url profile data
Dump Mobile Number
retrieve all your friend's mobile number data
Dump Religion
retrieve all your friend's religion data
Dump Username
retrieve all your friend's username data
Dump Bio
retrieve all your friend's bio data
Dump About
retrieve all your friend's about data
Filter Yahoo Mail
separate all Yahoo e-mails []
Yahoo Mail Validation
validate all Yahoo e-mails
Clean Result
clean the result folder
Delete ALL Post
clean all your posts
Unfriend ALL
clean all your friends
Confirmation ALL
confirm all friend requests
Confirmation ALL [Male]
confirm all friend requests based on male sex
Confirmation ALL [Female]
confirm all friend requests based on female sex
View Data
see your friends data based on your username or ID
Dump ID Member Group
retrieve all ID member on group database
Dump Username Profile Member Group
retrieve all username member on group database
Dump URL Profile Member Group
retrieve all url profile member on group database
Brute Force ID
brute force your friends by ID
Brute Force ID Member Group
brute force all member groups by id

How to install ?


In Linux 

write in the command like this
$apt-get install php git
$git clone
$cd FacebookToolkit
$php run.php

In Windows

make sure you have install xampp and composer

if you don't have it you can install composer in here

and xampp in here

Install composer and xampp , and then download this script in here

In Termux 

write the command like this
$pkg install php git curl
$git clone
$cd FacebookToolkit
$php run.php


oke now you can run it and let's make some fun with it

Thank you for read this article i hope u enjoy

If u got some erorr you can tell me in comment below

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  1. All done but I couldn't find saved token in my storage.And also couldn't find this folder (config/token.txt)